by | Dec 29, 2022

When this website was created in 2019, by the amazing Marsha Amanova/Rising Tide Creative, I thought having a blog component would be a good thing to keep me connecting to the site on a regular basis – updating, making changes, keeping it active. Of course, this all depends on if, number 1. you have something to say,
and number 2. if you have the work ethic to keep it up.
Needless to say I didn’t.
But here I am back again, talking to myself, with the hope that I will listen.
Living in the small village of Pugwash can be busy. With lots of community initiatives and projects that take time and energy. All good. Except for the fact that I tend to let them take precedence over personal projects that help me remember what I most like doing. Creating. And connecting with other creatives. Like Sheree Fitch. An old friend from when we both lived in Halifax, Sheree is one of those people who electrify any room she enters and ups the energy of those she is with. No matter how long it has been since we have seen each other, we connect with joy and laughter. Time disappears and we are back in an explosion of words and hugs and ideas, as if we have never been separated. I hope you know someone like this. Living in the small village of Pugwash, it is easy to let old friendships slide due to distance, busyness, laziness. And then there was the erasing of connections during Covid. It became even easier to let things drift. But enough of that I say! I need to reconnect with the people who makes me happy to be on the planet. Who invigorate and infect me with the desire to make something out of nothing. Including myself. So watch out. I am coming for you.