by | Jan 23, 2023

Time.  A desperately needed commodity for creators. 

Think of all the times you have wished for more of it. Time to get into that painting series, to finish the novel. There is never enough time. Life gets in the way. Juggling family, friends, work, demands from volunteer organizations… 

The more disciplined of us know how to structure our lives to protect those precious hours devoted to our art practice. And then there is someone like me. 

The Fritterer. I need the PUSH. An outside force, a time line, a deadline. If it isn’t there, I have to impose it on myself. Even when Covid came along, bringing with it shut downs, shut ins and ironically opening up vast amounts of time and opportunity to create, I came to a standstill.

I cannot understand it. Because, when I finally do get immersed in the moment of a creative project, I’m just plain happy. Happy to be in that place where I challenge myself and discover the unexpected, the wonder of it.