Ripple Effect

by | Jul 21, 2023

The new show the Pugwash Artist Collective is mounting at the Fraser Gallery in Tatamagouche is called Ripple Effect. As with other group shows, every artist interprets the theme differently. Some look at how external forces impact their work; some consider how one step in their process leads to another; and some thought outside the art process to the world around them. Here are some of their thoughts extracted from their artist’s statements.

A gentle disruption may contain the potential for a shift, whether it be large or small – a fresh adventure, a disappointment, a sweeping social change, a small joy, a gaze into the future … and on and on.Bonnie Bond

The first marks on a painting begins a journey. Think of stepping into a pond. Each new step has an effect, takes you further, leads to discovery. Steps in art always have a ripple effect. I try to be intentional enough to notice.Margaret Boyle 

Everyday I walk the shore by my home, at low tide, when the water is calm, wondering anew at the water ripples and the sand patterns they carve.  I hold in my hand a pebble or a piece of glass, the result of countless, countless movements of water.  And I am awed.” Cathy Dalton

My life is impacted daily by the earth’s rotation, the winds of time, the waves on the ocean, the kind act of a friend, the words of a song, the laughter of a baby, the stars that amaze me. These  powerful energies spiral out, bringing ripples of joy and inspiration to my heart and my art.” Donna Hutchinson 

“As I contemplated the title of the show, I challenged myself to take more notice of the ripples my behaviour have on myself, you, and nature. And the ripples caused in the other direction, from you, and nature. Living on the North Shore, walking the beach daily, I notice the ripple effect from the sea, wind, and all beings creates constant change.” Mary Purdy

Creating collages is when time stands still for me – as images, symbols, colours and words are cut out, layered, and intuitively re-combined. New inner landscapes are revealed as a story, guidance, or healing ripples outwards…” Gretchen Smith

For me, Ripple Effect was an opportunity to explore and experiment with paint. To play with liquidity, tension, viscosity, resistance, absorption, how it moves across the surface. Transparencies. Layers. Unintentional  and controlled movement. Constant change. The balance between action and consciousness.