Work Spaces

by | Jan 16, 2023

I used to think that you couldn’t create unless you had a designated space, all your own, that was comfortable, that you could leave stuff all over the place undisturbed until the next time. There had to be light. There had to be quiet. 

But of course this isn’t true. If you are determined enough, you can work with what you have. We have all heard about writers who pen their novels in noisy cafes or eke out time before dawn to write before they have to rally the family for school and work. 

My friend Diane Wile Brumm has gone from enviable spacious painting studios to a tiny corner in the walk-in closet of her Halifax apartment. Port Howe NS fibre artist, Mariana Nardy, creates her Subtleties of Nature eco-prints in a small, unheated, room off her cottage, even in the winter. Toronto artist Barbara Muir usurped her dining room, turing it into a studio. When we moved to Pugwash, I took over a storage space in the basement of our cafe to paint. It was cool, with no natural light But it was mine.

If there is a will, there is a way. Creators cannot be stopped!

Jenn Houghtaling in her hand-built straw bale work space, Earth & Vine Studio