by | Apr 21, 2023

It’s a teeter-totter of a life. It takes a lot of finesse to keep your balance.

If I am being truthful, balancing has always been a challenge for me. Family, work, volunteering, creating – all need their share of attention. However, I often let one gobble up more time and then have to face the inevitable catchup on the others. The desperation of a looming deadline!

Leaving myself enough space to write or paint seems to always be the last in line. (This could be an avoidance mechanism.) It has taken me years and years to learn to carve out time to create. Even to make it a priority over all others. I am still working on it.

And now ironically, in my advancing age, balancing physically is an issue too. Why am I not surprised.

Teetering is my middle name. I feel like I am cutting corners a bit tight these days and need to correct or there could be disastrous outcomes. Closing my eyes while standing results in the sensation of tipping forward. Precarious. I’m just saying that I would not be up for a walk along a cliff edge. So, I’ve signed up for Stability & Balance sessions with the local Pilates guru, Stacie Fisher, with the hopes she can improve my balancing act. Fingers crossed.