by | Apr 3, 2023

I love a good gesture. 

The way he uses his hands when he’s talking. The angle of her neck when she looks over the fence. How they hold their bodies when they are waiting for the bus. The glance. 

A gesture  can embody the meaning of the piece.

It can be the expressive heart of the work.

A gesture can add meaning over and above what is spoken.

Gesture is the subtext.

I think it is the main element that attracts me to an image, the deciding factor when choosing a reference for a painting.

“Each step away from the house was a voice that said: Don’t” / acrylic, from poem by Sue Goyette (A Late Horizon)
Image © Norene Smiley. All rights reserved.
Telling Tales / watercolour
Image © Norene Smiley. All rights reserved.
The Punchline / acrylic