Taking It To The Streets

by | Jun 9, 2023

The idea to go public with work you have created is an interesting dilemma. No matter what you have been anguishing over, be it a series of paintings, a screenplay, a picture book, making art is usually a solitary endeavour. Private. You are in your own world and, for the most part, have been for a long, long time. Deciding to bring that work out into the open to share with others is often terrifying. 

You start to question why you did it at all. Is it worthy? Is it ready? Are you exposing too much of yourself? What if no one likes it? This leads to the question of why people create in the first place, despite these feelings of inadequacy, but that is a whole other conversation. (see Blog The Creative Urge 2/20/23)

To decide to go BIG with this public reveal is an even more interesting position to put yourself in. But that is just what the folks who conceived of and participated in the PUGWASH OPEN AIR GALLERY did. 

The Pugwash Open Air Art Gallery Is an arts/ heritage initiative under the umbrella of Pugwash Communities in Bloom. It stimulates awareness of, and interest in visual arts, adds interest to the village streetscape and encourages visitors to Pugwash by installing reproductions of art work by local contemporary artists on the exterior walls of buildings in the village. POAG collaborates with artists, village organizations and businesses, making the assumption that art should be accessible, inclusive and widely shared. https://pugwashart.com/about-pugwash-open-air-gallery/

All the artists whose work is included in this outdoor gallery had to be confident to submit their work, and eventually be willing to share their creations with hundreds and thousands of people. Not everyone likes the same art. Not all feedback is going to be positive. But at least it is part of the conversation.

In the end, that is what art is all about. Giving yourself time to create and be willing to let it fly out into the world, for better or worse, for all the world to experience. Being exposed to art opens our minds and enriches our lives.