Early Work

From 2000 to 2006, I took the opportunity to take many painting workshops with many instructors and in various mediums. I also joined visual art groups and entered group shows, with the intent to learn from more seasoned artists.

Working primarily in watercolours, I eventually moved to acrylics to tackle larger works. This enabled me to determine what directions I wanted to pursue. I gravitated towards certain established artists whose work I admired, like Tom Forrestal, Kay Stanfield and Tom Ward. It was Brian Atyeo, with his vast knowledge of composition and design, who made the biggest impact, enabling me to have the confidence to trust my own judgement and move forward on my own.

I developed a practice of working on several paintings at the same time, usually in a series. The benefits are that you can go deeper into a subject matter, know it more intimately, and develop a body of work that ties together.

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