August 2014

Fraser Gallery, Tatamagouche, NS, wiith the Pugwash Artist Collective

Using folklore as inspiration, this thirteen-member Pugwash Artist Collective used a wide variety of media to explore their own interpretation of this theme. Whether they used myths, legends and fairy tales or chose to be inspired by superstitions, ghost stories or anecdotal tales passed down through generations, the artists were consistently drawn to story and its transformative powers. Some worked in materials and used methods like woodcut, clay and rug hooking that seem to fit perfectly with the traditional nature of this theme. Others chose to use media, like film and sculpture, that invited viewers to step outside preconceived notions of what story is. All underlined the importance of narrative in our lives, to help us make sense of things, unravel the mystery, explain the unexplainable. 

In Lore, I explored personal myths — the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others and the stories we leave untold.

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