October 2018

Riverside Gallery, Oxford, Nova Scotia with Diane Wile-Brumm & Shannon Bell

Ut pictura poesis, Latin  –  “As is painting so is poetry.” – Horace

With ut pictura poesis, Horace proposed that poetry merited the same careful interpretation that was, in Horace’s day, reserved for painting. The similarities and differences between poetry and painting have been an on-going dialogue filled with dissent down through the ages.

For the purpose of this exhibition, ‘Poetics’, we side with Voltaire – ‘painting is voiceless poetry and the poetry is speaking painting’. We feel that both poetry and painting use imagery, symbolism, tone and themes. Artists in both mediums have to make decisions about tension, focal point, pattern and rhythm. All three of us have our favourite poets, the writers that speak to us, touching an emotional chord, inspiring our own creations for this exhibition.

Poetics was an idea that took many years to realize. The Riverside Gallery offered an opportunity to show some of the work we had created with this theme in mind.

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“…and you are like the moon
seen from the earth, oval and gentle
and filled with light.”

from Foretelling the Future, Selected Poems II 1976 – 1986, Margaret Atwood

“The words boil out of me,
coil after coil of sinuous possibility.”

from Morning in the Burned House, Margaret Atwood

“With you I could have
more than one skin
a blank interior, a repertoire
of untold stories,
a fresh beginning.”

(from A Paper Bag, Selected Poems II 1976 – 1986, Margaret Atwood)

“This is my body in solitude
making a companion of itself
& noticing how it makes a companion of itself —“

from This is the body consoling itself, That Singing You Hear at the Edges, Sue MacLeod

“How could I not have this great, this enormous hope?”

from In the Harbour, In Cannon Cave, Carole Glasser Langille