Community of Women

by | Nov 1, 2019

I am very fortunate to have been part of a number of groups of women in my life. All supportive, enduring, offering laughter and empathy just when you need them.

One of these groups are the ‘Sisterines’, women who have gathered for the last 25 years at Les Soeurs Trappistines in Rogersville, NB. Predominantly writers on retreat to get some work done, we have forged unbreakable friendships, gotten up to pretty crazy high jinks, and know that we can count on each other no matter what. Through the years, members come and go, but the tie is always there, forged by the great Kathleen Waters, monk extraordinaire. I wish everyone had this in their lives.

Norene, Budge, Diane, Jill, Susan, Jeanie, Mojo at the abbey, Winter 2011
Susan and Kate
Jill, Jeanie, Kate, Diane, Susan, Fall 2019