The Incredible Budge Wilson

by | Nov 17, 2019

Yesterday I drove to Halifax to meet up with writer friends, Mary Jane Copps and Budge Wilson, for a long overdue visit. For a few years we made a point to meet up so that May Jane, with all her quiet, tender care, could read our Tarot cards. We had missed a few years it was especially fun to rendezvous at Budge’s apartment, that she shares with husband Alan, to catch up with everyone’s busy lives and through the cards, unveil what the next 6 months had in store for us.

I should tell you that Mary Jane is very good at this, and whether you believe in Tarot cards or not, we always discover something that makes us reflect and view in a new light.

And Budge never fails to inspire me. At 92, she is still excited by the idea of a new writing project. She has always navigated through the demands of her family and life in general to find space to write. She is always the last one to leave a party so she doesn’t miss anything and has never lost her curiosity about the human condition. This has made her one of the most insightful friends and a beloved Nova Scotia writer, whether for children or adults, who can make characters leap off the page and into your heart.