Processing with Pen in Hand

by | Feb 17, 2023

Maybe it is because I am a visual thinker/learner/listener, I feel most grounded and the wheels turn more smoothly if I have a pen in my hand and paper at the ready.

Don’t ask me to remember vital information or how to start the generator or how to navigate the new internet system without writing it down. I have to document it. And I might doodle around the edges of the paper while we are talking because this seems to be how I process. It’s not that I don’t trust myself (well actually I don’t, now that I mention it) but I need to SEE it. Real and concrete.

I need to figure things out right there in front of me in black (yes the pen has to be black) and white – plan the day, make a grocery list, make notes about that story idea, that theme for the next painting series, that piece of dialogue that rang true, that twist of fate – all of it. Lots of notes that need filing and categorizing and deciphering and distilling. 

It’s a focus thing.