by | Feb 14, 2023

In my on-going wish to keep my painting loose, I have been known to just load the paint on the brush, close my eyes, and let the paint fly… No intent. No direction. What happens, happens. Forcing me to deal with it. To be more intuitive.

This is usually when I am getting too precious with a piece. When I realize I am trying too hard, being too precise, paying too much attention to the reference material. I have a thing about not wanting to see ‘my hand’ in the painting. So blindly applying paint often works for me.

I’ve mentioned using an underpainting for both acrylic and watercolour. I really love how the underpainting comes through (if I haven’t overpainted and covered it up) to create surprising areas in the painting that never would have happened intentionally.

Image © Norene Smiley. All rights reserved.
watercolour | 14 x 21.5 | sold