Domestically Modified

August/September 2021

Fraser Cultural Centre Tatamagouche, NS

Domestically Modified was a group exhibition seen through the lenses of twelve member artists of the Pugwash Artist Collective

We chose the theme, Domestically Modified, because it allowed us to explore the female persona – speak to a woman’s place in the world today and into the future. It also allowed us to reimagine everyday objects and function, and how they have symbolized women’s work in the home. Whether choosing to address changes in the family dynamic and what ‘Home’ means, or choosing to look outward to express how women have raised their voices and made a difference in the workplace or on global platforms, the theme has a rich contextual landscape for a group of diverse artists. It gave us the opportunity to play with gender, body politics, technological impacts, self-image, traditional mores, role expectations and reversals, and housebroken vs unbridled.

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